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Christine Richmond

Cincinnati, Ohio

"Hi! I bought your starter kit about two weeks ago and wanted to shoot you a thumbs up. I do maintnace and construction work and have acne prone skin. With the work that I do I have had a hard time keeping my skin in good condition and healthy I struggle with blemishes and dull tired looking skin. Like I said I started the product two weeks ago and with in 3 days of using noticed my skin was begining to transform- I have tried Proactive and spent hundreds of dollars on makeup and facial products to try to improve my skin texture and blemishes. I will say I was skeptical at first and hesitant on the cost but I am pleased to say this is a fine product and it does work wonders most of all it is a great feeling to know you are putting something on your face that is natural that is so very hard to find. Mr. Sebastion offers a money back garantee as well wich is helpful if you are skeptical. I am very happy with my product and want to thank you for creating such a wonderful thing for all types of people with diffrent needs. Thanks again!!"

Dr. Rebecca Minser MD

Cincinnati, Ohio

"I just want to submit a testimonial. I have been using Sebastian Rey Organic Skincare products for almost a year and absolutely LOVE them. I have been searching for years for a skincare line I could use without worrying about the chemicals and that worked with my skin type. My skin looks fabulous, even the crows feet around my eyes are much less deep and not noticeable anymore. I will use these products forever."

Katie Fisher

Nuclear Medicine Student

"I absolutely love Sebastian Rey Skin Awareness products! I will never go back to using any of the over-priced department store brands. Sebastian’s products are uniquely designed with the finest all natural ingredients that delivers nutrients your skin needs to stay looking and feeling healthy. Nothing bad to say. I’m forever a loyal customer."

John Carle

University of Cincinnati

"When it comes to quality, price, and overall satisfaction of a skincare product, Sebastian Rey tops all!"

Lorena C.


"Hello, My name is Lorena. First of all, Let me say thank you for letting me try your fabulous products! Here is my review for the ones i have tried.Exfoliating Skin Scrub: WOW! This is one of my favorite products. I was a little reluctant about using it in the winter time, but when I felt that my face was due to get a good exfoliating action, I used it. And wow! It was great! As soon as I opened the jar, the smell was just delicious! Then once it is mixed, you can really appreciate the mix of the oatmeal,
brown sugar, and the rest of the natural ingredients. I was curious enough to get
just a little taste of it, and it was soo yummy! The scrub did not dry my skin at all, after using it, my face looked clean, NOT DRY! My face had a nice glow!  ONE OF MY FAVORITES!


Overall, all the Skin Awareness products I have used are great!  I am the kind of consumer who would spend lots of money on beauty products; nourishment and anti-aging being my main concerns, however, I do sometimes worry about what I put on my face and what the ingredients are doing to my skin/body. Skin Awareness products give me a carefree feeling about the ingredients since they are all organic. Personally, I have changed my diet to organic products as well as my hairproducts to 100% vegan and organic. Skin Awareness products fit into my beauty regime and are what I am looking for. I am very excited to see what else you will bring into the market!!"

Chantel Mareno

"Hello! My name is Chantel and I first found out about the Sebastian Rey product line at a party in downtown Cincinnati, and I’ve been using the skin care products ever since! My boyfriend Matt brought me to the get together being friends with the owners of the company, completely un-aware I would absolutely love all the different kinds of organically rich products! Now, my face is VERY sensitive, even a change in soaps or acne creams will badly irritate my skin.


After Rey walked me through how to use everything in the skin care collection and reading through the brochure a little I figured I’d give it a try and I’m very glad I did! I was a little nervous at first due to my type of skin, but after a few days was shocked to not see any irritation anywhere! In fact my face actually had a glow to it! Thanks to the use of the clarifying facial toner plus elixir and hydrating night cream it was like cleansing and sunshine had washed over my face! I just wanted to say 2 thumbs up and 5 stars to you gentlemen for creating such an amazing skin care line. Oh and did I mention the lip balm? Fabulous! GREAT mix of peppermint and a hint of vanilla!!!


I hope my feedback is helpful and can be used. I’m really glad I got the starter kit and that there is a safe and completely organic line of facial products that my type of sensitive skin can handle and use. It was wonderful meeting you all and I hope to see you again in the future and that all continues to go well!!!"

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